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    Practice superlative adjectives with the AI tutor. Learn to make accurate sentences with a superlative adjective.

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Superlative Adjectives for Making The Best Sentences

Learn how to make a sentence using a superlative adjective.

Superlative adjectives are for comparing thing with a group of other things.

"Biggest", "Tallest", "Most expensive", and "Best" are all superlative adjectives.

How do you make a sentence? A superlative adjective is just an adjective. So, use the same rule as an adjective.

With An Adjective:

Today was a rainy day.

With A Superlative Adjective:

Today was the rainiest day of the week.

With An Adjective:

When is a good time to come over?

With A Superlative Adjective:

When is the best time to come over?

With An Adjective:

That pencil is long.

With A Superlative Adjective:

That pencil is the longest.

Notice that you always need "the" in front of the superlative adjective.

Also, notice that you don#39;t need a noun. "That pencil is the longest." is correct. Both "He is the nicest." and "He is the nicest guy." are correct.


These are the rules for forming a superlative adjective.

Rule chart for forming superlative adjectives

What is a Syllable?

A syllable is basically a unit of sound.

A syllable has 1 vowel sound, and it may or may not have a consonant sound.

Listen to these words, carefully.

  • Angry -

  • Big -

  • Canadian -

  • Pleasant -

  • Silly -

  • Strong -

For example, "Silly" has 2 syllables. "Si" has the "ee" vowel sound, and "ly" has the "ee" vowel sound.

Another example is "Pleasant". It has 2 syllables. "Plea" part has the "e" vowel sound and "sant" part has the "an" vowel sound. "Pl" is a consonant, it's not a syllable.

Vowels and Consonants

A vowel is a type of sound. Often (but not always), a vowel is represented by the letters A, E, I, O, U.

Listen to some of the common vowel sounds. See this page for a complete list.

  • [ai] sound - buy, ice, find

  • "Buy" has the [ai] sound:

  • [au] sound - mouse, house, now

  • "Mouse" has the [au] sound:

  • [e] sound - tell, press, dead

  • "Tell" has the [e] sound:

  • [o] sound - model, copy, rock

  • "Model" has the [o] sound:

  • [u:] sound - cute, room, blue

  • "Cute" has the [u:] sound:

Consonants are all other sounds. Often (but not always), a consonant is represented by other letters such as k, x, f, m, and g.

Listen to some of the common consonant sounds. See this page for a complete list.

  • [b] sound - best, buy, boat

  • "Best" has the [b] sound:

  • [f] sound - fry, faint, fight

  • "Fry" has the [f] sound:

  • [k] sound - cake, kind, act

  • "Cake" has the [k] sound:

  • [s] sound - system, center, send

  • "System" has the [s] sound:

  • [ks] sound - relax, expect, fix

  • "Relax" has the [ks] sound:

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