Frequently Asked Questions

ALULA Lessons

Are the lessons taught by human tutors?
The lessons are not taught by human tutors. They are completely taught by Virtual English Tutors, an automated, computerized tutoring system without any live humans. No human will be listening in to your conversation with your Virtual English Tutor.
Are the lessons free?
Yes, the lessons are free. However, free users can take up to 1 lesson per day, up to 10 lessons in total. Premium Members can take unlimited number of lessons per day, and unlimited number of lessons in total.
What kind of computers, devices, or equipment do I need?
You only need a computer with internet connection. A microphone and a speaker are recommended, but you can still do a lesson without them. Some lessons have exercises that require either a microphone or a speaker, however.
Which browser should I use?
The latest version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge is recommended. Other browsers will work, too. However, the microphone button is availble only on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. In iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, you can use the microphone of your device to speak to the tutor (if available on your device).
Is there pre-set lesson time or time limit to doing a lesson?
No. You can do a lesson any time, anywhere. There is also no time limit for doing a lesson.
What if I'm nervous about speaking English or answering a question?
Because the lessons are taught by Virtual English Tutors, not real humans, you are free from being judged. You can make as many mistakes as you need to without feeling embarrassed.
I cannot use a microphone to say my answer.

If the microphone button is disabled, that means your browser is not permitting the microphone access. Go to this page to turn the permission on. If the microphone is enabled but you don't see any words converted from your speech, check that your microphone is working properly or speak into your microphone more loudly.

Please read our How-to section for more detail.

Usage of the microphone button is available only on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers, and some Android devices.. Other devices and browsers may support our microphone button, but have not been tested.

Can I repeat a lesson or do a lesson one more time?
Yes. You can do any lessons unlimited number of times. Do note that a free user is limited to 1 lesson per day even if the lesson is a lesson that is already completed previously. In one day, a free user can access the same lesson unlimited number of times.

Premium Membership

How is Premium Membership different from Free Membership?
With a Premium Membership, a student can access unlimited number of lessons, whereas a free user is limited to 1 lesson per day, up to 10 lessons in total. Also, a Premium Member can use the website without ads and have accessed to enhanced learning support features.
How do I get a Premium Membership?
Please select a plan to become a Premium Member.
What kind of payment method do you accept?
We accept major credit card. With a monthly plan, your credit card is charged automatically every month. With a yearly plan, your credit card is charged every year at renewal date.
Is there a contract?
No. You can cancel your membership any time. After cancellation, the membership will expire at the end of the current billing period.
Is there a volume discount for enrolling our students?
Please contact us if you want to enrol multiple students.
How do I cancel my Premium Membership?
Go to your Account & Settings page, then click on Membership tab. If you are a Premium Member, you will see Cancel subscription link. Click on that link, then click on CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION button. For Authorized Users under an organization, please contact your organization directly.

Privacy and Security

Is the website secure?
Yes. We use industry standard security practices and SSL certificate to encrypt information. Our website is secured by Sectigo (formerly known as Comodo), a leading cybersecurity provider. We also don't store any credit card information on our server. The Virtual English Tutors also do not ask for any personally identifiable information during lessons.
What do you do with the chat content after the lessons? Do you sell them to third parties?
We don't sell any information gained during lessons to any third parties. We will not use the chat content to send you ads or make you buy anything. Please read our Privacy Policy for more details.
Where can I find the privacy policy?
You can find our privacy policy here.