ALULA is an app that helps students practice spoken English with an AI. Students learn grammar and vocabulary while practicing pronunciation and speaking.

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First, I learn grammar with the AI tutor. Then, I listen to how it is used. Finally, I practice using it in a conversation with the tutor.

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I was able to conquer my fear of speaking.

What is ALULA?

ALULA is an AI-powered app that helps students speak English. By interacting with an intelligent AI English tutor, students can improve their speaking, listening, grammar, and fluency skills. Speaking with an AI is an easy and enjoyable way to English fluency.

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  • Practice spoken English by having conversations with the AI English Tutor.

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  • Study grammar step by step so that you can speak accurate English.

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  • Do many different types of practice questions to improve all of your skill areas.

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ALULA lets students practice speaking with an AI

Speaking requires various skills including listening to and understanding others, thinking about what to say in English, and pronouncing your words clearly.

Just repeating after a video or reading a textbook won't make you fluent. The ALULA app is designed to improve all necessary skills. With the AI English Tutor, you'll study grammar, practice conversation, expand your vocabulary, and perfect your pronunciation. It aims to help you become fluent in the shortest time possible.

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Rich learning experience that generic chatbots cannot provide

With ALULA, learners are immersed in a rich learning experience that goes far beyond what generic chatbots can offer. Our AI English Tutor is designed to provide relevant feedback, deliver personalized instruction, and offer rich content reviewed by human language experts.

Our AI tutor is not just about answering questions but about engaging students to take steps forward. Unlike with generic chatbots, where students have to tell the chatbot what they want to learn, ALULA provides them with teacher-led discussions and lessons, giving them an in-depth exploration of topics that helps them attain English mastery.

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Effective lessons created by humans, delivered by AI

ALULA offers a blend of conversational exercises, grammar instruction, targeted speaking practice, and a variety of exercises designed to help students enhance their proficiency in all areas of English. Each lesson is carefully created by language experts to be both engaging and informative for adult learners of English.

Whether you aim to improve your speaking, listening, grammar, or fluency, the ALULA app can assist you. It serves as an all-in-one resource for students seeking to gain confidence in using English in real-world situations.

grammar lesson iPad showing ALULA lesson

Why we made ALULA

ALULA (Autonomous Language Understanding and Learning Assistant) is designed to go beyond the traditional mode of study (reading the textbook, answering multiple choice questions, doing fill-in-the-blank questions). Lessons with an AI English Tutor simulate real-life conversations with a language tutor. So, a student can practice their English in a natural, conversational manner.

Many adult learners of English face a common problem: they don't have enough opportunities to practice speaking English. They might live in a country where there aren't many native English speakers. Most adult learners also don't have the time to go to a language exchange event or find a conversation partner on the internet. Generic chatbots may help in this regard, but they are not designed to teach English or help students practice conversation in an educational way.

ALULA attempts to remedy some of these problems that adult English learners face. ALULA offers students a high quality English learning experience. An AI English Tutor engages students in rich discussions on a variety of topics in addition to teaching them grammar and vocabulary, giving students the confidence to express their opinions.

ALULA is wholly owned by Momentech Canada Inc., a Toronto-based web and mobile app development firm specializing in educational and business applications.

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