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    Learn and practice the basic to-infinitive with the AI tutor. Talk to the AI tutor using the to-infinitive. Complete exercises to strengthen your skill in to-infinitive.

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Learn to Use the To-Infinitive

Learn about to-infinitive and practice using it to express your opinion.

The to-infinitive is the to + verb pattern after the main verb.

You are already familiar with the following sentences.

I want a new car.

I want an ice cream.

He wants a good mark in his test.

Sometimes, you don't want a thing. You want an action. Use the to-infinitive in this case.

I want to play the piano.

I want to buy a new house.

He wants to watch a good movie.

Read the following pairs of sentences. The left side has a direct object and the right side has a to-infinitive.

  • Direct Object

  • With To-Infinitive

  • I learned math at home.

  • I learned to play the guitar at home.

  • My cat loves good fish.

  • My cat loves to eat cat food.

  • Children like fun cartoons.

  • Children like to draw interesting pictures.

  • The man needs some lunch.

  • The man needs to go to the toilet.

  • I will decide my major next year.

  • I decided to attend the university next year.

  • She agreed.

  • She agreed to buy her child a new toy.

  • The man refused money.

  • The man refused to go to work.

  • Nancy promised a new toy for her child.

  • Nancy promised to take her child to the amusement park.

The verb after "to" must be in its base form!

incorrect mark Jonathan promised to buys her girlfriend a bunch of flowers.

correct mark Jonathan promised to buy her girlfriend a bunch of flowers.

incorrect mark Mark refuses to coming to work today.

correct mark Mark refuses to come to work today.

Review of Third Person Singular

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