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  • Learn the Modal Verbs for Uncertainty and Suggestion

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    Learn and practice the modal verbs "might", "may", and "will" with the AI tutor. Practice using modal verbs accurately in a sentence.

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Let's Use Modal Verbs to Express Uncertainty and Suggestions

Understand how to choose the best modal verb and practice using them in a conversation.

Modal verbs are words like "must", "should", "can", and "could". They add so much meaning to a sentence.

We will cover 3 major modal verbs.

Should: This is for advice or suggestion.

Your friend is hungry. You have a sandwich. He doesn't ask for the sandwich. You tell him, "You should eat my sandwich."

It is raining outside. Your friend needs to go home. She doesn't have a car. You tell her, "You should take my car."

Might: This is for chance (possibility).

There is a man outside. He is looking around. You have a car outside. You are worried. "The man might steal my car."

The sky is dark. There are some dark clouds. "It might rain soon."

May: This is for both chance (possibility) and permission.

The sky is dark. There are lots of dark clouds. "It may rain soon."

You friend sees your delicioius sandwich. He wants to try it. You tell him, "Sure, you may eat my sandwich."

So, both "may" and "might" are for chances.

A chance chart with modal verbs on it

To make a negative sentence, add "not" after the modal verb.

A person should not steal.

Note that the short form of "should not" is "shouldn't". "might" and "may" don't have any short forms.

Modal verb chart
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