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  • Learn the Modal Verbs for Ability

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  • What's Inside?

    Learn and practice the modal verbs "can" and "could" with the AI tutor. Discuss with the tutor what you can and cannot do.

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What Can You Do? Learn to Use the "Can" and "Could"

Learn to use the modal verbs "can" and "could" and their negative forms.

Modal verbs are words like "must", "should", "can", and "could". They add so much meaning to a sentence.

The modal verbs "can" and "could" express ability.

Just like other modal verbs, "can" and "could" follows the following sentence structure:

Subject + modal verb + verb (base form) + object.

"Could" is the past tense of "can". The negative form of "can" is "cannot" ("can't" for short), and the negative form of "could" is "could not" ("couldn't" for short).

Note: "cannot" is 1 word. "can not" is WRONG.

Example Sentences

  • A man is running

    He could run quite fast.

  • A man in crutches

    He cannot run any more. He is injured.

  • A boy skateboarding

    Tom was young. He could ride a skateboard very well.

  • An old man holding a skateboard

    Tom is old now. He can't ride a skateboard any more.

  • Women walking

    Healthy people can walk.

  • A woman in wheelchair

    People with broken legs cannot walk.

  • A business woman is walking

    Amy feels fine today, so she can go to work.

  • A man in bed feeling sick

    Jason has fever and is sick, so he can't go to work today.

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