How an AI English Tutor can

accelerate your students' learning

Whether it's for review, preview, or extra practice, an AI English Tutor can help your students gain fluency faster. It's like having a conversation partner at your student's home.

See The Benefits

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How the AI English Tutor transforms learning

The ALULA AI English Tutor gives a natural, conversational way to learn English. Unlike traditional method of self-study, which involves reading the textbook, doing the questions, or repeating word-by-word after a video, ALULA gives students a chance to generate English. Students learn how to express their ideas using their own words.

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    2. Students get more speaking exercise

      Let your students speak more English at home. Your students will practice generating their own English, not just repeating a text.

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    2. Students gain fluency and accuracy

      As your students engage in conversation with the AI English Tutor, their mistakes are pointed out and model responses are shown.

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    2. Students learn grammar and vocabulary

      Many lessons focus on a single grammar topic. Your students will learn grammar and practice it with the AI English Tutor.

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    2. Generate language, not repeating it

      Students use their own language to express their ideas, not just repeating after a text, creating a highly rewarding and effective experience.

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    2. Instill confidence and overcome shyness

      Because the AI English Tutor is not a human, even the shyest students can practice speaking with ease. With practice, they build confidence to speak in your classroom.

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    2. Thousands of practice questions

      In addition to AI-powered speaking lessons, practice questions and reviews help students cement their understanding.

ALULA as a Reviewing Tool

Instead of paper-based worksheets or textbook questions, why not give your students ALULA lessons as an assignment at home? Students will have an opporutnity to review what you taught in class by talking to an AI English Tutor. The AI English Tutor can point out grammar mistakes, give feedback, teach grammar, and improve your students' pronunciation.

Here's How

  • 1 Teach your students in class like how you normally teach.
  • 2 Assign your students an AI-powered lesson on the same topic so your students can review by speaking. (Optionally, you can also assign associated practice questions to furthur reinforce their understanding.)
  • 3 Discuss the conversation in the lesson and answer any questions your students might have.
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Create a Flipped Classroom with ALULA

A flipped classroom is where students learn new topics at home, and come prepared for the class, ready to engage in in-depth discussions and activities. ALULA AI English Tutor will teach students grammar and vocabulary. It will get students talking and provide feedback and explanation when students get it wrong. Leave the basic teaching to ALULA so you can concentrate on higher-order activities with your students in class.

Here's How

  • 1 Assign students an AI-powered lesson on a topic that you want to discuss the next day. (Optionally, you can also assign associated practice questions to furthur reinforce their understanding.)
  • 2 In your classroom the next day, briefly review the topic and answer any questions your students might have.
  • 3 Now that your students are equipped with basic knowledge of the topic, engage them in in-depth discussions or activities that make them think and talk.
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