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ALULA offers conversation exercises, grammar lessons, and other types of exercises designed to elevate adult students' overall English competency.

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Ways to Help Your Students

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Customizable conversation exercise

We understand that each student has unique needs when it comes to learning English. While some students may require a tutor who speaks at a basic level, others may seek engagement with more advanced topics. There are students who might be grappling with pronunciation, whereas others could be encountering difficulties with listening comprehension.

This is why ALULA's conversation exercises are designed to be highly customizable. Students can select topics that match their English proficiency, and the tutor will adjust to speak at the corresponding level. Additional customization options include the ability to control the speaking pace of the AI tutor and display of the tutor's speech in text format. These features create a tailored learning experience that meets the individual needs of each student.

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Assistance and feedback

For many English language students, assistance and feedback are very important. Assistive tools give students the confidence to complete their tasks, while relevant feedback aids in the students' learning process.

In ALULA lessons, students have access to tools that help them learn to express themselves. Tools like built-in translators help them fully understand the lesson, and detailed grammar feedback allows them to improve their speaking accuracy.

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Lessons created by experts, delivered by AI

ALULA is more than just a regular chatbot. It doesn't just offer students a free-form chat; instead, it provides a comprehensive program with carefully designed lessons and conversation topics that actively help students enhance every aspect of their English language proficiency.

Experts with specialized objectives in mind have crafted every lesson. Whether students need to boost their conversational ability, deepen their grammar comprehension, or improve their listening acumen, ALULA has a lesson tailored for them. By blending expert pedagogical insights with the latest AI technology, ALULA propels students towards success.

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