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Daily Routine Lesson Plan for ESL Adult Learners

Created by ALULA | April 09, 2024

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Exploring the simplicity and repetition of daily life, this ESL lesson plan provides adult learners with the tools to confidently describe and share their daily routines using the present simple tense. It doesn't only serve as a foundation for constructing accurate sentences but also as a practice ground to enhance speaking and listening skills in English. Let's dive into a day's worth of learning activities designed to solidify your grasp on everyday English language use.


This lesson plan focuses on the grammar and speaking aspects of learning English, particularly for high-beginner learners at the A2 level. Through interactive activities, students will familiarize themselves with the present simple tense, enabling them to speak about their daily routines and understand others when they share theirs.

Lesson Focus

Students will gain a solid understanding of how to use the present simple tense to talk about habitual activities and preferences. By the end of the lesson, learners will be able to confidently form sentences about their daily routines and participate in discussions using newly acquired vocabulary and structures.

Lesson Content

Activity 1: Building Sentences with Present Simple Tense

Approximate Time Needed: 20 minutes

Objective: To construct grammatically correct sentences using the present simple tense.

Materials: Sentence construction worksheets (available online or created by the teacher), whiteboard, markers.


  1. Teacher distributes the sentence construction worksheets to the students.
  2. Students fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs in present simple to complete the sentences about daily routines.
  3. Students then read their sentences aloud, while the teacher corrects any mistakes and provides feedback.
  4. The class discusses any common error patterns and reviews the rules for using the present simple tense.

Activity 2: Sharing My Day

Approximate Time Needed: 30 minutes

Objective: To practice speaking about personal daily routines in a structured way.

Materials: "My Daily Routine" template, pens, sample routine description for reference.


  1. Teacher hands out "My Daily Routine" templates and shows a sample description on the board.
  2. Students fill out the template describing their own daily routines with the present simple tense.
  3. In pairs or small groups, students take turns presenting their daily routines.
  4. Classmates ask questions about each other's routines, encouraging further conversation and practice.

Activity 3: Routine Listening Comprehension

Approximate Time Needed: 25 minutes

Objective: To improve listening skills related to daily routines vocabulary and structure.

Materials: Audio clips describing various people's daily routines, listening comprehension worksheets with questions.


  1. Teacher plays audio clips twice, and students listen carefully to the descriptions of daily routines.
  2. After listening, students answer a set of comprehension questions related to the routines heard.
  3. Teacher reviews answers with the class and clarifies any misunderstandings or new vocabulary.
  4. If time allows, students can discuss differences and similarities between the routines in the clips and their own.

Wrap Up

In this lesson, ESL learners have had the chance to work on sentence construction, practice speaking about their daily routines, and develop better listening comprehension using the present simple tense. This combination of grammar focus and practical language use equips learners with the tools needed to communicate more effectively about everyday life in English.

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