Practice Speaking English

with the AI English Tutor

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Practice Speaking English

with the AI English Tutor

What Do You Want to Practice?

  • Listening + Talking

    Listen to a conversation. Then, talk about the conversation in English with the AI English Tutor.

  • Reading + Discussion

    Read a story or a passage. Then, talk about the passage in English with the AI English Tutor.

  • Grammar + Speaking

    Study a grammar topic. Then, practice it in a conversation with the AI English Tutor.

  • Practice Questions

    Solve practice questions on different grammar topics to strengthen your English knowledge.

ALULA is a Fully Automated ESL Teaching System

  • Learn and practice speaking naturally

    Unlike the traditional methods of learning English such as multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank exercises, ALULA enables students to practice speaking in a natural, conversational context.

  • Lessons in easy, conversational format

    Students learn listening, speaking, grammar, and vocabulary by talking to a friendly ALULA Virtual English Tutor.

  • Learn to express opinions and exchange ideas

    ALULA Virtual English Tutor leads the discussion of various topics. Students learn to express their opinions in English by exchanging ideas with a Virtual English Tutor.

  • Rich, highly engaging lesson contents

    Students improve all facets of English language skills through wide-ranging lesson activities that include question answring, trivia, reading, listening, sentence correction, puzzles, and discussion.

  • Improve fluency and accuracy

    ALULA Virtual English Tutor gives lots of feedbck so students can improve their pronunciation, accuracy, and fluency.

  • Free full-feature lessons

    There is no cost to try out an ALULA Virtual English Tutor. Learn 1 lesson per day, up to 15 lessons in total, for free. Or, sign up for a Premium Membership and enjoy unlimited number of lessons.

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