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Travel Talk: ESL Language Skills for Travelers

Created by ALULA | March 22, 2024

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Welcome to an ESL lesson plan designed to guide adult learners through the fascinating world of transportation and travel vocabulary. If you're aiming to equip your students with the necessary language skills to confidently discuss and handle travel situations, this lesson will set them on the right track.


Traveling can be one of the most enriching experiences, and it begins with being able to communicate effectively. This lesson encapsulates an array of essential vocabulary related to various modes of transportation and the experience of traveling. Students will engage in class discussions about their travel experiences and apply what they have learned through role-playing exercises such as booking tickets and inquiring about travel information.

Lesson Focus

Students participating in this lesson will expand their vocabulary regarding transportation methods and travel-related terms, allowing them to speak about their past experiences, plans, and preferences with greater confidence. Additionally, they will practice conversational skills that are useful in real-world travel scenarios, from inquiring about schedules to navigating through an airport.

Lesson Content

Activity 1: Vocabulary Building with Visual Aids

Approximate Time Needed: 15 minutes

Objective: To learn and remember new transportation and travel terms using flashcards and images.

Materials: Flashcards with images and terms in English for various modes of transportation and travel-related items, which can be created using cardstock and printed images or found online.


  1. Introduce each new vocabulary word using a flashcard and show the image to the class.
  2. Ask students to repeat the word after you to practice pronunciation.
  3. Engage students by asking them to use the new word in a sentence.
  4. Have students pair up and quiz each other with the flashcards.

Activity 2: Sharing Travel Experiences

Approximate Time Needed: 20 minutes

Objective: To practice speaking using the new vocabulary in a guided discussion about personal travel experiences.

Materials: A list of open-ended questions related to travel, which can be prepared in advance or brainstormed as a class.


  1. Divide the class into small groups.
  2. Hand out the prepared list of questions related to travel experiences.
  3. Allow each group time to discuss and share their experiences using the target vocabulary.
  4. Instruct students to take turns asking and answering questions within their group.
  5. Conclude the activity by having a few students share interesting stories with the entire class.

Alternative to Activities 1 and 2: Flipped Classroom Model

The Flip Classroom Model is an innovative educational approach that ALULA readily embraces, enhancing the learning experience for its users. By delivering conversation exercises on a diverse array of subjects, such as travel and transportation, learners are able to dive into practical, real-world situations through guided discussions. These interactive sessions are designed to not only promote fluency but also to increase the users' confidence in their ability to communicate effectively in various contexts. As they build confidence in their language abilities outside the traditional classroom environment, they are better prepared to engage in the subsequent phases of the learning process, such as  in role-play of Activity 3, which builds upon the knowledge and skills they have developed thus far.

Activity 3: Role-play: Booking Transportation

Approximate Time Needed: 25 minutes

Objective: To simulate real-life scenarios in which students must use travel-related vocabulary to book tickets and make inquiries.

Materials: Role-play cards with different travel scenarios and a mock booking form which can be created or downloaded from various ESL resource websites.


  1. Pair up the students and distribute role-play cards and mock booking forms.
  2. Explain that one student will act as the customer and the other as the travel agent.
  3. Give them time to review the information on their cards and prepare what they want to say.
  4. Allow pairs to perform their role-plays in front of the class to practice speaking and listening.
  5. Switch roles and repeat the exercise to ensure all students get to practice both roles.

Activity 4: Asking for Travel Information

Approximate Time Needed: 20 minutes

Objective: To practice asking and responding to questions about travel information, such as transportation schedules, directions, and facilities.

Materials: A set of situation cards detailing different information inquiry scenarios related to traveling, which can be easily made with paper and pens.


  1. Divide students into pairs and hand out the situation cards.
  2. Have one student ask questions based on their given scenario, while the other provides information.
  3. Encourage improvisation and the use of vocabulary learned in previous activities.
  4. After a set time, partners should switch roles to practice both asking and giving information.

Wrap Up

This lesson plan infused with activities designed to boost vocabulary and speaking proficiency in transportation and travel contexts will pack your students' linguistic suitcases with the tools needed for real-world travel experiences. They'll depart from this lesson with a richer vocabulary and the confidence to navigate travel scenarios in English.

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