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Let's Play! Fun Exercise to Talk About Sports and Leisure

Created by ALULA | March 22, 2024
(Last update: March 22, 2024 )

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- Vocabulary, Speaking -

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Adult learners seeking to enhance their English proficiency will find this ESL lesson plan enriching and enjoyable. The lesson focuses on expanding vocabulary related to sports and leisure activities. It also emphasizes the correct usage of the verbs play, do, and go when discussing various hobbies and interests. By participating in this lesson, students will gain confidence in speaking about their personal experiences while reinforcing their language skills.

Lesson Overview

A summary of this lesson plan: Throughout the lesson, learners will be familiarized with terms and expressions related to sports and leisure. Engaging discussions and interactive activities are integral to this lesson, giving students ample opportunities to apply their new vocabulary in context and practice speaking in a supportive environment.

Lesson Focus

Students will gain:

  • Improved knowledge of sports and leisure vocabulary.
  • Better understanding of how to use verbs play, do, and go with different activities.
  • Enhanced speaking skills through guided conversation practice.
  • Increased confidence in discussing personal hobbies and interests in English.

Lesson Content

The lesson will consist of the following engaging activities:

Activity 1: Vocabulary Building and Usage

Approximate Time Needed: 20 minutes

Objective: To learn and practice vocabulary related to sports and leisure activities.

Materials: Flashcards with sport and leisure activity images and words, a whiteboard, and markers. These can be created by printing images and words onto cardstock or using ready-made flashcards from educational resources online.


  1. Introduce the vocabulary by displaying flashcards and pronouncing each word clearly as students repeat after you.
  2. Use the whiteboard to categorize words into those that typically go with play, do, or go.
  3. Distribute flashcards to students and ask them to place them on the board under the correct verb.
  4. Conduct a quick quiz to reinforce the learning by showing images and asking which verb is correct.

Activity 2: 'Find Someone Who' Speaking Exercise

Approximate Time Needed: 25 minutes

Objective: To practice speaking about personal hobbies and to interact using the newly acquired vocabulary.

Materials: 'Find Someone Who' worksheets with statements related to sports and leisure activities. Download templates from ESL resource websites or create a custom worksheet relevant to your students' context.


  1. Distribute the 'Find Someone Who' worksheets to students.
  2. Explain that students need to move around the class and talk to their peers to find someone who matches each statement.
  3. Encourage students to ask follow-up questions to extend the conversation.
  4. After the activity, have a class discussion where students share interesting findings about their classmates.

Activity 3: Role-Playing Past Experiences

Approximate Time Needed: 30 minutes

Objective: To practice speaking about sports and leisure activities in past tense narratives.

Materials: Role-play scenario cards related to sports and leisure, a timer. Prepare scenarios beforehand or use role-play cards from ESL activity books.


  1. Pair up students and distribute different role-play scenario cards to each pair.
  2. Instruct pairs to prepare a short dialogue based on the scenario given, incorporating the vocabulary and grammar lessons.
  3. Allocate time for preparation, then have each pair perform their dialogue in front of the class.
  4. Provide feedback on vocabulary usage and pronunciation.

Wrap Up

In this lesson, adult ESL learners explored essential vocabulary linked to sports and leisure activities, applied the correct verbs to different hobbies and discussed personal interests in structured speaking activities. Such tangible experiences with the English language foster greater retention and fluency.

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