Speaking with AI helps you become fluent

If you want to become fluent, you need to practice speaking. But, many ESL students can't find a suitable conversation partner. With ALULA, you can speak with the AI English Tutor and learn grammar and vocabulary at the same time.

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I get to learn how native speakers talk. I also get to practice my speaking and my pronunciation with an AI English Tutor.

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I feel my pronunciation is getting better every day.

Study spoken English with an AI

With ALULA, you'll get all the speaking practice you'll ever need.

Engage in stimulating conversations with an AI tutor to improve your spoken English. Review the feedback to refine your grammar and boost your fluency as you talk. With over 90 topics to choose from, you'll always have something new to talk about!

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Lessons with AI English Tutor improves all skills areas needed for fluency

Traditional methods of at-home learning involves only passive learning. Students either repeat after a video or solve simple exercises. With ALULA, students learn actively. By talking with the AI English Tutor, students will be able to think in English, improve grammar and vocabulary, and become competent English speakers.

Traditional English learning

    1. A bored face icon
    2. Repeating a line

      Students simply repeats after a video or a textbook. This does not help students think in English.

    1. An icon showing multiple choice questions
    2. Solving paper questions

      Students do multiple choice questions or fill-in-the-blank questions. This does not help students with their speaking.

    1. An icon showing writing
    2. Writing sentences or essays

      Students write a passage or an essay. This is great for writing skills but does not help students become fluent in speaking. It also needs a person to give them feedback.

ALULA English learning

    1. A brain icon
    2. Speaking with the AI English Tutor in your own words

      By speaking with the AI English Tutor, students learn to think and respond in English. Rather than repeating, students come up with their own words.

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    2. Learning grammar through conversation

      Students learn grammar from the AI English Tutor, then, use it in a conversation. They become skilled in using the grammar in an actual conversation.

    1. A micorphone icon
    2. Practicing pronunciation and speaking

      Students talk to the AI English Tutor by recording their speech on their phone or tablet. Improve pronunciation by trying until the speech is recognized by the device.

    1. An icon showing embarrasement
    2. Making mistakes without being embarrassed

      Students have no reason to feel self-conscious or embarrassed. The AI English Tutor is not a real human, so it never laughs at the students' mistakes.

    1. An icon showing listening, talking, and writing
    2. Practicing variety of types of questions

      There are 7 different kinds of practice questions in ALULA to help cement students' newly learned grammar or vocabulary. Each type of exercise targets specific area of skill such as listening, grammar, and pronunciation.

Practice speaking even without a human partner

Sometimes, it's hard to find a human partner who is willing to practice speaking English with you. Even if you find one, the partner may not be able to correct your grammar, speak fluent English, or speak accurately.

With ALULA's AI English Tutor, not only can you practice speaking anytime, anywhere, you can also get corrections for your mistakes, understand the tutor with a built-in translator, and even learn new grammar. The app is designed to help you become fluent as quickly as possible.