How to Use ALULA

to improve your speaking and grammar effectively and fast

  • 1 List of lessons
  • Choose a lesson

    Choose a lesson from the list of courses. Or, take a course and study all the topics in the course.

  • 2 Tutor asking a question
  • Listen to the tutor

    The tutor will teach you grammar and ask you questions. Listen to her very carefully.

  • 2.5 Using the pronunciation helper

    Use the pronunciation helper

    Write your answer into the pronunciation helper. It will read it aloud for you.

  • 3 Talking into a microphone

    Speak to the tutor

    Use your microphone and speak to the tutor. Click on the microphone button or use the microphone on your mobile device. Or, type in your answer directly.

Made a mistake?

  • 4a Wrong text showing in the text area after speaking

    Speak one more time, or type it in

    Didn't get the right text from your speech? Speak to the microphone again. Or, change the text directly.

  • 4b Tutor giving an explanation to a wrong response

    Read the explanation

    Didn't get the right answer? The tutor will explain to you. Listen and read carefully.

  • 5 User trying to speak one more time
  • Try one more time

    Talk to the tutor one more time. Use the microphone or just write your new answer.

  • 6 User getting 5 stars
  • Yay! You got it right!

    Way to go! Continue with the lesson. If you got it wrong, that's okay. Just listen to the tutor's explanation.

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