What are Phrasal Verbs?

ALULA staff, Updated on September 14, 2023

  • "Which" questions ask about preferences or choices
  • The structure is: Which + do/does + subject + verb?
  • Examples of such questions include "Which do you prefer, coffee or tea?" and "Which books do you like?"
  • You can make a simple subject question. The structure is: Which + is/are + complement. Example: Which is your favorite?

The topic of this post "Which" questions in the simple present tense. We use "Which" question word to ask about one or more items from a specific set of items or choices.

"Which" Questions

When we want to ask a question about a choice or a preference, we start the question with the word "Which".

Structure: "Which" + do/does + subject + verb?

Often, we add the choices at the end. Example: Which do you like, dogs or cats?

Which object questions grammar


  • Which do you prefer, coffee or tea?

    Question word ("Which") + helping verb ("do") + subject ("you") + verb ("prefer")? There are 2 choices, "coffee" or "tea".

Often, we put a noun after "Which" to make the question more specific.


  • Which food do you like? - I like rice and noodle.

    You are asking about food.

  • Which book do you like? - I like Moby Dick.

    You are asking about books.

  • Which car do you like? - I like the red car.

    You are asking about cars.

"Which" Subject Questions

You can make a subject question using "Which is ..." or "Which are ..."

Structure: "Which" + is/are + complement ?

Which subject questions grammar


  • Which is your favorite, coffee or tea?

  • Tea is my favorite.

  • Which dog is Tom's dog?

  • This brown dog is his dog.

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