What are Phrasal Verbs?

ALULA staff, Updated on September 07, 2023

  • Imperative verbs are used to give orders, instructions, advice or suggestions.
  • In sentences with imperative verbs, the subject is usually "you" (the person being spoken to), but it is not usually mentioned.
  • To make an imperative sentence, use the base form of the verb.
  • Add "please" at the beginning or end of an imperative sentence to make your request more polite.

An imperative verb is used in an imperative sentence. An imperative sentence is where we want to give orders, instructions, advice or suggestions.

Imperative Verbs

Usually, there is no subject in an imperative sentence. The verb in an imperative sentence is called an imperative verb. To create an imperative sentence, you simply use the base form of the verb.

  • A mother telling a child to eat vegetables
  • grammar showing an imperative sentence
  • Eat your vegetable.

    "Eat" = imperative verb, "your vegetable" = object.

  • Open the door.

    "Open" = imperative verb, "the door" = object.

  • Sing.

    "Sing" = imperative verb.

Using "Please" with Imperatives

Adding "please" to an imperative sentence can make your request more polite. Normally, "please" is placed at the beginning or the end of the sentence.


  • Leave the room.

    This is not very polite.

  • Please leave the room.

    This is more polite.

  • Leave the room, please.

    This is also polite.

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