What are Phrasal Verbs?

ALULA staff, Updated on September 07, 2023

  • Yes-No questions in the simple present are formed using the structure: Do/Does + Subject+ Verb?
  • Subject-verb agreement: 'Do' is used with 'I', 'You', 'We' and 'They'. 'Does' is used with 'He', 'She' and 'It'.
  • Examples include: "Do you like apples?" and "Does he play soccer?".

Understanding how to ask yes-no questions in English is key to having basic conversations. In this lesson, we'll look at simple present yes-no questions. Simple present is when we talk about regular or permanent actions.

Forming a Question

The structure for forming yes-no questions in the simple present is: "Do" + Subject + Verb (+ Object)?

"Do" is an auxiliary verb. It's also called a "helping verb".


  • Do you like apples?

    "Do" = helping verb, "you" = subject, "like" = verb, "apples" = object

  • Do they drink?

    "Do" = helping verb, "they" = subject, "drink" = verb

Subject-Verb Agreement

In simple present questions, we need to maintain subject-verb agreement. This means that 'do' is used with the pronouns 'I', 'You', 'We' and 'They'. 'Does' is used with 'He', 'She' and 'It'.

Pronouns "I", "you", "we", "they", and many things / people: use "Do".

Pronouns "he", "she", "it", and 1 thing / person: use "Does".


  • Do we have a test today?

    Subject = "we", Helping verb = "Do"

  • Does she work here?

    Subject = "she", Helping verb = "Does"

  • Does this cat eat fish?

    Subject = "this cat" (1 animal), Helping verb = "Does"

  • Do these cats eat fish?

    Subject = "these cats" (many animals), Helping verb = "Do"

Note: the verb is always in base form, NOT in third-person singular.


  • Does he plays music?

    "Plays" (third-person singular) is WRONG.

  • Does he play music?

    "Play" (base form) is RIGHT.

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