What are Phrasal Verbs?

ALULA staff, Updated on August 10, 2023

  • Cardinal numbers are for counting (1, 2, 3).
  • Ordinal numbers show order (1st, 2nd, 3rd).
  • Use these numbers in daily situations for telling time, shopping, etc.

Getting the basics of English language, specifically numbers, is critical. Say for everyday instances like time telling, shopping, understanding the concept of cardinal and ordinal numbers is quite essential. So let's go ahead and learn more about them.

Cardinal Numbers

Cardinal numbers, simply put, are your basic counting numbers: 1 (one), 2 (two), 3 (three), and so on.

Numbers 1 to 20


  • 1 (One), 2 (Two), 3 (Three), 4 (Four), 5 (Five), 6 (Six), 7 (Seven), 8 (Eight), 9 (Nine), 10 (Ten)

    These are cardinal numbers. We use these numbers for counting objects, people, etc.

  • There are two apples.

    'Two' is the cardinal number.

The numbers from 11 to 19 follow a particular pattern. Let's take a look at them.


  • 11 (Eleven), 12 (Twelve), 13 (Thirteen), 14 (Fourteen), 15 (Fifteen), 16 (Sixteen), 17 (Seventeen), 18 (Eighteen), 19 (Nineteen)

The cardinal numbers in the 20s will start with "Twenty-", followed by a number like "one", "two", and so on. Numbers in the 30s, 40s, etc. will follow the same pattern.


  • 20 (Twenty), 21 (Twenty-one), 22 (Twenty-two), 23 (Twenty-three), 24 (Twenty-four), 25 (Twenty-five), 26 (Twenty-six), 27 (Twenty-seven), 28 (Twenty-eight), 29 (Twenty-nine).

  • 30 (Thirty), 31 (Thirty-one), 32 (Thirty-two), 33 (Thirty-three), 34 (Thirty-four), 35 (Thirty-five), 36 (Thirty-six), 37 (Thirty-seven), 38 (Thirty-eight), 39 (Thirty-nine).

  • 40 (Forty), 41 (Forty-one), 42 (Forty-two), 43 (Forty-three), 44 (Forty-four), 45 (Forty-five), 46 (Forty-six), 47 (Forty-seven), 48 (Forty-eight), 49 (Forty-nine).

  • 50 (Fifty), 51 (Fifty-one), 52 (Fifty-two), 53 (Fifty-three), 54 (Fifty-four), 55 (Fifty-five), 56 (Fifty-six), 57 (Fifty-seven), 58 (Fifty-eight), 59 (Fifty-nine).

  • 60 (Sixty), 61 (Sixty-one), 62 (Sixty-two), 63 (Sixty-three), 64 (Sixty-four), 65 (Sixty-five), 66 (Sixty-six), 67 (Sixty-seven), 68 (Sixty-eight), 69 (Sixty-nine).

  • 70 (Seventy), 71 (Seventy-one), 72 (Seventy-two), 73 (Seventy-three), 74 (Seventy-four), 75 (Seventy-five), 76 (Seventy-six), 77 (Seventy-seven), 78 (Seventy-eight), 79 (Seventy-nine).

  • 80 (Eighty), 81 (Eighty-one), 82 (Eighty-two), 83 (Eighty-three), 84 (Eighty-four), 85 (Eighty-five), 86 (Eighty-six), 87 (Eighty-seven), 88 (Eighty-eight), 89 (Eighty-nine).

  • 90 (Ninety), 91 (Ninety-one), 92 (Ninety-two), 93 (Ninety-three), 94 (Ninety-four), 95 (Ninety-five), 96 (Ninety-six), 97 (Ninety-seven), 98 (Ninety-eight), 99 (Ninety-nine).

  • 100 (Hundred or One hundred)

Ordinal Numbers

Ordinal numbers, on the other hand, stand for showing order or placement of things. The concept is relatively easy. You use 'st' after 1, 'nd' after 2, 'rd' after 3, and 'th' after the rest.

People lined up


  • 1st (First), 2nd (Second), 3rd (Third), 4th (Fourth), 5th (Fifth), 6th (Sixth), 7th (Seventh), 8th (Eighth), 9th (Ninth), 10th (Tenth)

    These are ordinal numbers. We use these numbers when we want to put things in a specific order.

  • 11th (Eleventh), 12th (Twelfth), 13th (Thirteenth), 14th (Fourteenth), 15th (Fifteenth), 16th (Sixteenth), 17th (Seventeenth), 18th (Eighteenth), 19th (Nineteenth)

  • She finished first in the race.

    This means she crossed the finish line ahead of everyone else. 'first' (1st) is the ordinal number.

  • I live on the 3rd floor.

    This tells you my apartment is one level above the 2nd floor. You can also write 'third'.

For 21st - 29th, you write 'Twenty-', followed by an ordinal number (first, second, etc.). 20th is a special one. You change "Twenty" to "Twenti", then add "eth" (Twentieth). The same pattern is present in 30s, 40s, etc.


  • 20th (Twentieth), 21st (Twenty-first), 22nd (Twenty-second), 23rd (Twenty-third), 24th (Twenty-fourth), 25th (Twenty-fifth), 26th (Twenty-sixth), 27th (Twenty-seventh), 28th (Twenty-eighth), 29th (Twenty-ninth).

    These are ordinal numbers in the 20s. They are used for positions or orders starting from 20.

  • 30th (Thirtieth), 31st (Thirty-first), 32nd (Thirty-second), 33rd (Thirty-third), 34th (Thirty-fourth), 35th (Thirty-fifth), 36th (Thirty-sixth), 37th (Thirty-seventh), 38th (Thirty-eighth), 39th (Thirty-ninth).

  • 40th (Fortieth), 41st (Forty-first), 42nd (Forty-second), 43rd (Forty-third), 44th (Forty-fourth), 45th (Forty-fifth), 46th (Forty-sixth), 47th (Forty-seventh), 48th (Forty-eighth), 49th (Forty-ninth).

  • 50th (Fiftieth), 51st (Fifty-first), 52nd (Fifty-second), 53rd (Fifty-third), 54th (Fifty-fourth), 55th (Fifty-fifth), 56th (Fifty-sixth), 57th (Fifty-seventh), 58th (Fifty-eighth), 59th (Fifty-ninth).

  • 60th (Sixtieth), 61st (Sixty-first), 62nd (Sixty-second), 63rd (Sixty-third), 64th (Sixty-fourth), 65th (Sixty-fifth), 66th (Sixty-sixth), 67th (Sixty-seventh), 68th (Sixty-eighth), 69th (Sixty-ninth).

  • 70th (Seventieth), 71st (Seventy-first), 72nd (Seventy-second), 73rd (Seventy-third), 74th (Seventy-fourth), 75th (Seventy-fifth), 76th (Seventy-sixth), 77th (Seventy-seventh), 78th (Seventy-eighth), 79th (Seventy-ninth).

  • 80th (Eightieth), 81st (Eighty-first), 82nd (Eighty-second), 83rd (Eighty-third), 84th (Eighty-fourth), 85th (Eighty-fifth), 86th (Eighty-sixth), 87th (Eighty-seventh), 88th (Eighty-eighth), 89th (Eighty-ninth).

  • 90th (Ninetieth), 91st (Ninety-first), 92nd (Ninety-second), 93rd (Ninety-third), 94th (Ninety-fourth), 95th (Ninety-fifth), 96th (Ninety-sixth), 97th (Ninety-seventh), 98th (Ninety-eighth), 99th (Ninety-ninth).

  • 100th (Hundredth)

Understanding Cardinal and Ordinal numbers is essential. Whether it's for measuring quantities with cardinal numbers or arranging things in order with ordinal numbers, mastering these basics will make your daily life situations a lot easier.

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