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  • Embedded Questions: Planning Our BBQ Party (Review)

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    Review the conversation "Planning Our BBQ Party". Do multiple choice questions to review embedded questions using "if" or "whether" and the new vocabulary that you just learned.

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Planning Our BBQ Party

(1) Owen: Listen
Max, I've been [vocab word=wonder]wondering[/vocab] if we've thought about everything needed for the BBQ party at the park.

"I've been wondering if we thought about everything needed for ..." has an embedded question ("if we thought about everything needed for ..."). It is softer than directly asking, "Have we thought about everything needed for ...?"

(2) Max: Listen
Well, I have prepared a list of items, but I'm curious to know [vocab word=whether]whether[/vocab] you've invited everyone or not.

We use "whether" in an embedded question if there are 2 choices (invited everyone OR not). We can also use "if". "If" and "whether" can be used interchangeably most of the time.

(3) Owen: Listen
Yes, I did remember to invite all our friends, yes! But I also wanted to ask you whether we should ask everyone to bring something to [vocab word=contribute]contribute[/vocab].

Owen is using "whether" in his embedded question. He could've used "if" as well.

(4) Max: Listen
I think they should. Why should we buy everything, right?

Max is asking a "rhetorical question". Max knows the answer to "Why..." question - there is no reason why we should buy everything. He is asking that question to express his belief that they shouldn't buy everything.

(5) Owen: Listen
Right. I'm wondering if we should just ask people to bring anything they want?
(6) Max: Listen
Hmm, I'm not sure if that will work. Everyone might end up bringing [vocab word=salad]salads[/vocab] or drinks and we may [vocab word=fall short on]fall short on[/vocab] the meat. Meat is expensive these days.
(7) Owen: Listen
I haven't thought of that. That could be an issue.
(8) Max: Listen
Can we assign different [vocab word=category]categories[/vocab] of food to different people? For example, some could be [vocab word=responsible]responsible[/vocab] for salads and [vocab word=side dish]side dishes[/vocab]. Others could be responsible for meats, desserts or drinks.
(9) Owen: Listen
Good plan. What if I bring the meat and you take care of the salads? Then, we can [vocab word=split]split[/vocab] the [vocab word=rest]rest[/vocab] among our friends?

"What if ..." is a way to suggest something. Here, Owen is suggesting he brings the meat and Max brings the salads.

(10) Max: Listen
Fair enough. Can you check whether Tony and Maria can bring the drinks since they live closest to the park?

"Fair enough" = "That's a fair suggestion" or "It's fair".

(11) Owen: Listen
Sure. I will ask them. And what about music? Have you considered whether we should create a [vocab word=playlist]playlist[/vocab] or if we should just [vocab word=blast]blast[/vocab] the radio?
(12) Max: Listen
We can create a shared playlist. That way, everyone can [vocab word=add]add[/vocab] their favorite songs to it!

Max wants to make 1 playlist, and ask everyone to put their favorite song in it.

(13) Owen: Listen
Great idea. Well, it looks like we'll have a great BBQ party!
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