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  • Word Prefixes: Wedding Plan (Review)

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  • 概要

    Review the conversation "Wedding Plan". Do multiple choice questions to review word prefixes and the new vocabulary that you just learned.

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Wedding Plan

(1) Ron: Listen
We should discuss our wedding plans.
(2) Linda: Listen
It seems a bit early, but okay. Let's come up with a list of what we need.

"Seems" means "looks like" or "feels like". Linda is not saying "It is a bit early". It feels a bit early, but maybe, it's the right time.

(3) Ron: Listen
To start, I believe we need to [vocab word=pick]pick[/vocab] a location for our pre-wedding [vocab word=photoshoot]photoshoot[/vocab].

"Pre" is a prefix and it means "before" or "prior to". The word "pre-wedding" means "before the wedding". Note, the word "pre-wedding" has a hyphen (-) between "pre" and "wedding". Some words with "pre" don't have any hyphen (e.g. "predate").

(4) Linda: Listen
Sure. I wouldn't want to miss those photos. Also, we need to [vocab word=finalize]finalize[/vocab] the menu for our post-wedding dinner.

"Post" is a prefix and it means "after". The word "post-wedding" means "after the wedding". Note, the word "post-wedding" has a hyphen (-) between "post" and "wedding". Some words with "post" don't have any hyphen (e.g. "postwar").

(5) Ron: Listen
We need to make sure it won't [vocab word=disappoint]disappoint[/vocab] our guests. We all know your family is very [vocab word=picky]picky[/vocab] about food.
(6) Linda: Listen
You're so [vocab word=mean]mean[/vocab].

"Mean" here means "unkind" or "not nice".

(7) Ron: Listen
Should we consider going overseas, or should we choose a local area for our [vocab word=honeymoon]honeymoon[/vocab]?
(8) Linda: Listen
We could pick a beautiful location nearby. That way we can save money for our first house.
(9) Ron: Listen
That sounds [vocab word=reasonable]reasonable[/vocab]. Let's focus on the wedding for now. Should we pre-order our wedding [vocab word=attire]attire[/vocab], or should we [vocab word=decide]decide[/vocab] when we go shopping?

"Pre-order our wedding attire" means to order the wedding attire before something (in this case, before shopping).

(10) Linda: Listen
We should pre-order to avoid any possible [vocab word=disappointment]disappointments[/vocab]. That way we'll have a chance to try on our [vocab word=outfit]outfits[/vocab] and reorder if necessary.

The prefix "re" means "again". So, "reorder" means to order something again. Note, many words with "re" need a hyphen (e.g. "re-do", "re-think").

(11) Ron: Listen
Good thinking. Now, what ideas do you have for the [vocab word=decoration]decorations[/vocab]?
(12) Linda: Listen
Initially I wanted a mix of white and [vocab word=lavender]lavender[/vocab], but I've changed my mind. Let's pick something else.
(13) Ron: Listen
Oh, really? I liked the white and lavender decorations. We'll revisit this topic later. I am [vocab word=assume]assuming[/vocab] we don't want our wedding to be non-traditional, correct?

"revisit" means to visit again. The prefix "non" means "not". "Non-traditional" means "not traditional".

(14) Linda: Listen
Yup. Also, we need to [vocab word=respect]respect[/vocab] both our families' traditions. Let's intermix the traditions so we don't [vocab word=offend]offend[/vocab] any [vocab word=relative]relatives[/vocab].

The prefix "inter" means "between". "Intermix" means to mix different things together well so every part goes between other parts.

(15) Ron: Listen
Right. Let's discuss the details later. But most importantly, let's decide on the wedding cake.
(16) Linda: Listen
Do you prefer the traditional [vocab word=vanilla]vanilla[/vocab], or would you like to try something a little different?

Note, the "pre" in "prefer" is not a prefix. "Fer" is not a word.

(17) Ron: Listen
Chocolate is my favorite, but I'm open to exploring our options. What about you?
(18) Linda: Listen
Maybe we could create different [vocab word=tier]tiers[/vocab] with different flavors. We could have a chocolate tier for you, a [vocab word=lemon]lemon[/vocab] tier for me, and perhaps a traditional vanilla tier for the more [vocab word=conventional]conventional[/vocab] guests.
(19) Ron: Listen
I love the idea! Let me look for a cake [vocab word=designer]designer[/vocab].
(20) Linda: Listen
Sure. I'll start searching for a wedding [vocab word=photographer]photographer[/vocab], then.
(21) Ron: Listen
I'll do some research about wedding dresses and suits. I can ask some of my relatives.
(22) Linda: Listen
Remember, Ron, we need to talk about every [vocab word=decision]decision[/vocab] to avoid any [vocab word=misunderstanding]misunderstanding[/vocab] about our plans. Don't order anything without [vocab word=consult]consulting[/vocab] me first.

The prefix "mis" usually means "wrong," "incorrectly," or "badly." "Misunderstanding" means to understand something incorrectly (to have a wrong understanding).

(23) Ron: Listen
I understand. Why don't we create a [vocab word=checklist]checklist[/vocab] and [vocab word=assign]assign[/vocab] the tasks? We'll each do some research and then [vocab word=compare]compare[/vocab] notes.
(24) Linda: Listen
That's a good plan. Make sure to look at the prices too. We can't go over budget.
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