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  • Conditional Sentences: Lovers' Quarrel (Review)

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  • 概要

    Review the conversation "Lovers' Quarrel". Do multiple choice questions to review zero, first, second, and third conditional sentences and the new vocabulary that you just learned.

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Lovers' Quarrel

(1) Felicia: Listen
Jacob, if you play video games all day, you won't have time for me.
(2) Jacob: Listen
I know, but if I win this [vocab word=tournament]tournament[/vocab], we'll have extra money for our vacation.

Jacob is talking about a video game tournament. Some tournaments give prize money to the winner.

(3) Felicia: Listen
Yes, but if you spent less time on gaming, you wouldn't need to stress about money. We would have a real job.
(4) Jacob: Listen
I understand, but if I had known earlier about our [vocab word=financial]financial[/vocab] issue, I might have planned differently. I might have looked for a real job. I thought your income would be [vocab word=sufficient]sufficient[/vocab].

"financial issue" means money problem. I.e. they didn't have enough money.

(5) Felicia: Listen
Well, if you had spoken to me before becoming a gamer, we could have found a solution together.
(6) Jacob: Listen
And if we had communicated better, we wouldn't be having this [vocab word=argument]argument[/vocab] right now.
(7) Felicia: Listen
I agree. So, if you promise to consider my [vocab word=viewpoint]viewpoint[/vocab] next time, I'll try to understand your passion for gaming.
(8) Jacob: Listen
That sounds fair. Well, what do you want to do tomorrow? I'll try to not play games.
(9) Felicia: Listen
Well, if it's sunny tomorrow, we can go for a [vocab word=picnic]picnic[/vocab]. If it rains tomorrow, we could watch a movie at home.
(10) Jacob: Listen
Okay, if we go on a picnic, I'll pack the food. You choose the [vocab word=location]location[/vocab].
(11) Felicia: Listen
That sounds great. Also, if we have some time left after the picnic, would you mind teaching me a few gaming [vocab word=trick]tricks[/vocab]?
(12) Jacob: Listen
Absolutely! I knew you'd ask me someday.
(13) Felicia: Listen
If I became really good at your game, I would join the tournament and make us some money, too.
(14) Jacob: Listen
I doubt it. But, if you did become so good at it, I would even make you my gaming [vocab word=partner]partner[/vocab].

"If you did become so good at it, I would even make you my gaming partner" is a second conditional. The if-clause is in simple past - "did" is an emphatic "do", and it emphasizes the verb "become". Because "did" is in simple past, the if-clause is in simple past, and this sentence is a second conditional. Also, Jacob says "I doubt it", so his girlfriend becoming so good at the game is unlikely.

(15) Felicia: Listen
Just don't laugh at me if I make mistakes.
(16) Jacob: Listen
Understood. Similarly, if I don't pack your favorite food, you can't complain.
(17) Felicia: Listen
It's a [vocab word=deal]deal[/vocab].

"It's a deal" means "I agree", but it's more playful and softer.

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