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  • Passive Voice: I Regret Moving Into My Apartment (Review)

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    • まだ終わっていないレッスン
    • 中級者
    • Passive voice
    • Modal verb
    • Perfect tense

    Passive voice Modal verb Perfect tense

    • レッスン開始
  • 概要

    Review the conversation "I Regret Moving Into My Apartment". Do multiple choice questions to review how to combine passive voice with a modal verb and perfect tense and the new vocabulary that you just learned.

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I Regret Moving Into My Apartment

(1) Cody: Listen
Hey, sister, how's your day going?

"How's your day going?" is a common greeting.

(2) Luna: Listen
It's going well. How about you? How's the new apartment?
(3) Cody: Listen
Honestly, I regret moving in. I should have asked you for help before moving.

"I should have asked you" has a modal verb ("should") and is in present perfect. It is in active voice. Cody is expressing regret for not asking for help in the past.

(4) Luna: Listen
I've been telling you that from the start! So what's the issue?
(5) Cody: Listen
Well, first off, the noise from my neighbor is [vocab word=unbearable]unbearable[/vocab]. They're so loud. They play their music even after midnight.

"Unbearable" has 3 parts - "un" means "not", "bear" means to endure a difficulty, and "able" means you can. So, "unbearable" means you cannot endure the difficulty (because it's just too bad).

(6) Luna: Listen
Didn't you notice the noise [vocab word=level]level[/vocab] when you [vocab word=inspect]inspected[/vocab] the apartment?
(7) Cody: Listen
To be honest, I didn't inspect the apartment. I just saw the photos online and signed the [vocab word=lease]lease[/vocab]. I was almost [vocab word=homeless]homeless[/vocab]. I was [vocab word=desperate]desperate[/vocab].
(8) Luna: Listen
That's your first and biggest mistake. The problem could've been avoided if you had just looked at the apartment first.

"The problem could have been avoided" is in passive voice, has a modal verb ("could"), and is in present perfect tense. Cody could have avoided the problem; if he looked at the apartment, he would have seen the problems. But, he didn't.

(9) Cody: Listen
Noise isn't the only problem. The garbage [vocab word=chute]chute[/vocab] is always messy. It smells [vocab word=horrible]horrible[/vocab].
(10) Luna: Listen
Good apartment buildings always have a clean garbage chute. Sounds like the [vocab word=property]property[/vocab] [vocab word=management]management[/vocab] isn't doing their job.

Luna omitted "it" in the sentence "Sounds like ..." She could have said "It sounds like ..."

(11) Cody: Listen
The kitchen isn't any better. The [vocab word=stove]stove[/vocab] [vocab word=practically]practically[/vocab] doesn't work. I can't even cook a [vocab word=decent]decent[/vocab] meal.
(12) Luna: Listen
That stove should have been [vocab word=replace]replaced[/vocab] a long time ago. It's a very old one and it looks like the [vocab word=heat]heating[/vocab] [vocab word=coil]coils[/vocab] are not working anymore.

"This stove should have been replaced" is in passive voice, has a modal verb ("should"), and is in present perfect. Luna is saying the stove was old and it needed to be changed with a new stove. But, the management didn't do that.

(13) Cody: Listen
Take a look at this weird space. Why is there an empty space in my kitchen?
(14) Luna: Listen
There must have been a kitchen [vocab word=cabinet]cabinet[/vocab] there. For some reason, it must have been [vocab word=remove]removed[/vocab] by the property management.

Here, "must have" is used to make a deduction (a confident guess) about the past. Luna believes the management removed the kitchen cabinet; that's why there is an empty space there.

(15) Cody: Listen
It's so weird. Also, the property management should've cleaned the apartment before I moved in. [vocab word=instead]Instead[/vocab], the floor and the walls were really messy and I had to clean them up myself.

"Instead" is used one thing happens, not the other. The property management should've cleaned the apartment. That's one thing. But they didn't do it. Another thing happened - and that is, Cody cleaned the messy floor and walls.

(16) Luna: Listen
I'm really sorry to hear that.
(17) Cody: Listen
The water [vocab word=pressure]pressure[/vocab] of my [vocab word=shower]shower[/vocab] is also too low. My shower is more frustrating than [vocab word=refreshing]refreshing[/vocab].
(18) Luna: Listen
This kind of problem should've been fixed by the property management before you moved in.

The property management needed to address (solve) the problem (of low water pressure) but it didn't.

(19) Cody: Listen
I don’t know what to do. I've signed a one-year lease. I feel so [vocab word=trap]trapped[/vocab] in this apartment.

If you sign a one-year lease, you have to stay in the apartment for one year. If you move out, you have to pay extra money.

(20) Luna: Listen
Don't worry. I've dealt with this kind of problem with my clients before. Let's see what we can do.
(21) Cody: Listen
At this point, I'd appreciate any help, big sis. I can't possibly spend a whole year in this apartment with these problems.

I'd = I would. "big sis" is a spoken way of saying "big sister".

(22) Luna: Listen
First, I'll help you [vocab word=document]document[/vocab] all the problems. Then, we'll [vocab word=formal]formally[/vocab] [vocab word=request]request[/vocab] the property management to make repairs. Hopefully, this will be enough to [vocab word=solve]solve[/vocab] most of your problems.
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