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  • Passive Voice: Critically Acclaimed Movie of the Year (Review)

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    • Passive voice
    • Perfect tense

    Passive voice Perfect tense

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  • 概要

    Review the conversation "Critically Acclaimed Movie of the Year". Do multiple choice questions to review how to use passive voice in perfect tenses and the new vocabulary that you just learned.

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Critically Acclaimed Movie of the Year

(1) Olivia: Listen
I've been [vocab word=contemplate]contemplating[/vocab] going to the [vocab word=cinema]cinema[/vocab] this weekend. I'm open to movie recommendations.

"I'm open to recommendations" mean "You can tell me your recommendations". "I'm open to something" means "I'm okay with something".

(2) Jack: Listen
I'm pretty much a movie buff and have watched a lot. Where should we begin?

A "movie buff" knows a lot about movies. "Movie buff" is a colloquialism (spoken English, not formal English).

(3) Olivia: Listen
It's up to you.

"Up to you" means "you can decide".

(4) Jack: Listen
In that case, "The Incredible Bulk" was [vocab word=release]released[/vocab] this year. It has been highly [vocab word=praise]praised[/vocab] by [vocab word=critic]critics[/vocab] and [vocab word=audience]audiences[/vocab]. It's already being [vocab word=rate]rated[/vocab] as one of this year's top [vocab word=superhero]superhero[/vocab] movies.

"It has been praised by ..." is in present perfect tense ("has been") and is in passive voice ("been praised"). "It is being rated" is in present continuous tense ("is being") and is in passive voice ("being rated").

(5) Olivia: Listen
That sounds nice, but superhero [vocab word=film]films[/vocab] just aren't for me. I should have mentioned this before, sorry. I [vocab word=lean]lean[/vocab] more towards [vocab word=thriller]thrillers[/vocab]; those are my favorites.

"Superhero films aren't for me" is a soft way of saying "I don't like superhero films".

(6) Jack: Listen
Well, there's one thriller called "The Lady Blacksmith." It is widely considered to be an exciting [vocab word=rollercoaster]rollercoaster[/vocab] ride of [vocab word=adrenaline]adrenaline[/vocab]. It's packed with [vocab word=suspense]suspense[/vocab] and the performances of the [vocab word=cast]cast[/vocab] has been praised a lot.

"It is considered to be ..." is in simple present and in passive voice. "It is considered to be something" means everyone thinks it is something.

(7) Olivia: Listen
That does sound thrilling. I'll add it to my watch list. I've also heard there were several [vocab word=inspire]inspiring[/vocab] [vocab word=biography]biographical[/vocab] films.
(8) Jack: Listen
Yes, indeed. "Explorer" is a very good one. It [vocab word=portray]portrays[/vocab] the life of the first Vietnamese-American [vocab word=astronaut]astronaut[/vocab]. The film [vocab word=earn]earned[/vocab] 30 million dollars during its opening weekend. That's a lot for a biographical movie.

"Explorer" is a biographical movie. A biographical movie talks about a person's life.

(9) Olivia: Listen
What makes "Explorer" worth watching?

Something is "worth" watching if it is very good and you don't feel like you wasted your time.

(10) Jack: Listen
"Explorer" tells a fascinating story of a Vietnamese-American woman's journey to become an astronaut. The [vocab word=actress]actress's[/vocab] portrayal of her [vocab word=character]character's[/vocab] hard work and [vocab word=courage]courage[/vocab] has been widely praised.

"Portrayal" is how something is portrayed. The words "portrayal" and "portray" are related.

(11) Olivia: Listen
Is "Explorer" like a history lesson?
(12) Jack: Listen
Not at all. The [vocab word=story]story[/vocab] focuses on the woman's life and dream. It's not just about a bunch of events. It's about how the events affected her life.

"Not at all" is a polite way of saying "No".

(13) Olivia: Listen
That's good.
(14) Jack: Listen
The [vocab word=direction]direction[/vocab] has been praised highly as well. The [vocab word=director]director[/vocab] expertly [vocab word=capture]captures[/vocab] the beauty of space and the woman's [vocab word=emotional]emotional[/vocab] journey.
(15) Olivia: Listen
Sounds like a must-watch. I'll definitely put "Explorer" on my list too.

A "must-watch" means it's a film that everyone should watch because it's so good.

(16) Jack: Listen
You have to watch "Explorer" in the theatre. It's much better than watching it at home.

Jack uses "have to" to make a strong recommendation. He is saying, "You really really should watch Explorer".

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