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  • Passive Voice: Leave the Cat To the Vet (Review)

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    • Passive voice
    • Modal verb
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    Passive voice Modal verb Semi-modal verb

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  • 概要

    Review the conversation "Leave the Cat To the Vet". Do multiple choice questions to review how to combine passive voice and a modal verb and the new vocabulary that you just learned.

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Leave the Cat To the Vet

(1) Vet: Listen
Hello Ms. Davenport. Max has been thoroughly [vocab word=examine]examined[/vocab] and he's [vocab word=generally]generally[/vocab] healthy ...
(2) Pet owner: Listen
That's good!
(3) Vet: Listen
... But, he is considered [vocab word=overweight]overweight[/vocab] for his size. He's also [vocab word=due]due[/vocab] for some [vocab word=vaccination]vaccinations[/vocab].

"He is considered overweight" means we can say he is overweight. In other words, the cat is fat. "He is due for some vaccinations" means it's time to give him some vaccinations.

(4) Pet owner: Listen
Vaccinations? But Max is an indoor cat. Are vaccinations still [vocab word=necessary]necessary[/vocab] for him?

An indoor cat lives inside the house. It rarely goes outside.

(5) Vet: Listen
Of course. Cats can still be exposed to [vocab word=parasite]parasites[/vocab] and [vocab word=disease]diseases[/vocab] even inside at home. I highly [vocab word=recommend]recommend[/vocab] the necessary vaccinations for Max.

"Cats can be exposed to parasites" is an example of a sentence in passive voice with a modal verb ("can").

(6) Pet owner: Listen
I'm not sure ...

People say "I'm not sure" when they disagree with another person. It's a softer, more polite way of saying "I don't think so."

(7) Vet: Listen
Look. [vocab word=prevention]Prevention[/vocab] is an important part of pet [vocab word=ownership]ownership[/vocab]. For example, [vocab word=rabies]rabies[/vocab] is often [vocab word=contract]contracted[/vocab] through certain types of animals. I know Max is an indoor cat, but he can still get it if he ever comes into [vocab word=contact]contact[/vocab] with a [vocab word=contaminate]contaminated[/vocab] [vocab word=carrier]carrier[/vocab]. It's better to be safe than sorry.

"It's better safe than sorry" is a common English idiom. It means you should take time and be careful so you can prevent problems; that way, you will not feel sorry.

(8) Pet owner: Listen
I see. But how often should Max be vaccinated?
(9) Vet: Listen
[vocab word=annual]Annual[/vocab] vaccinations are usually recommended by most vets. At the very least, Max should be vaccinated against feline distemper and rabies.

Feline distemper and rabies are both diseases that cats can get.

(10) Pet owner: Listen
Alright. I guess I will. What can be done about his weight?
(11) Vet: Listen
A balanced diet and regular exercise should improve his weight.
(12) Pet owner: Listen
What kind of exercise is [vocab word=appropriate]appropriate[/vocab] for an indoor cat?
(13) Vet: Listen
Well, [vocab word=interactive]interactive[/vocab] play [vocab word=session]sessions[/vocab] with toys are usually well received by cats. [vocab word=aim]Aim[/vocab] for 30 minutes to an hour of indoor play every day.

"Well received by cats" means cats really like them.

(14) Pet owner: Listen
I'll try. Is everything else okay with Max?
(15) Vet: Listen
Max's teeth have to be checked every now and then. [vocab word=dental]Dental[/vocab] diseases are often [vocab word=overlook]overlooked[/vocab] in pets.

"Every now and then" means periodically (e.g. every year, every half a year etc).

(16) Pet owner: Listen
I see.
(17) Vet: Listen
Again, it's better to be safe than sorry. Besides, you probably don't want to see a 900-dollar dental bill because of a [vocab word=decay]decaying[/vocab] tooth!

"Besides" means "in addition" or "also".

(18) Pet owner: Listen
Right, 900 dollars... I'll brush his teeth more often.
(19) Vet: Listen
That's good to hear. I'm looking forward to seeing Max again next year.
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