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  • Modal Verbs for Recommendation: Which Vacation Spot Should I Visit? (Review)

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    Review the conversation "Which Vacation Spot Should I Visit?". Do multiple choice questions to review how to use modal verbs to make recommendations and the new vocabulary that you just learned.

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Which Vacation Spot Should I Visit?

(1) Rick: Listen
I managed to get a 3-week [vocab word=holiday]holiday[/vocab] from work! I need some recommendations for travel [vocab word=destination]destinations[/vocab]. Where do you think I should visit?

"I managed to get a holiday" means I was successful in getting a holiday.

(2) Wendy: Listen
That's great! You could visit Japan, as it's a [vocab word=unique]unique[/vocab] and [vocab word=fascinating]fascinating[/vocab] country.

Wendy uses "could" to make a positive suggestion. It's not too strong; it's just an idea.

(3) Rick: Listen
Japan sounds interesting, but I'm also considering some European destinations. Where do you think I should go in Europe?
(4) Wendy: Listen
You absolutely have to visit Italy. It has impressive [vocab word=history]historical[/vocab] [vocab word=site]sites[/vocab], amazing food, and beautiful [vocab word=scenery]scenery[/vocab].

"You have to visit Italy" here means you should visit Italy. It's a strong suggestion or recommendation (but not an obligation).

(5) Rick: Listen
Italy sounds amazing. Do you know any lesser-known destinations?

A "lesser-known" destination means few people know the destination.

(6) Wendy: Listen
Yes, you should also consider Malta. It's a small [vocab word=Mediterranean]Mediterranean[/vocab] [vocab word=island]island[/vocab] with beautiful beaches and a rich history.

"Should" is a modal verb for suggestion, but it's weaker than "have to" or "must".

(7) Rick: Listen
Malta, huh? What about some nature-focused destinations? I love hiking and being outdoors.

A "nature-focused" destination has lots of nature (forest, lakes, mountains, etc.).

(8) Wendy: Listen
Oh, then you have got to go to New Zealand. The country has [vocab word=stunning]stunning[/vocab] [vocab word=landscape]landscapes[/vocab] and [vocab word=plenty]plenty[/vocab] of outdoor activities. And, did you know that there are five sheep for every resident in New Zealand?

"You have got to ..." is similar to "You have to ..." It's a way of making a strong recommendation.

(9) Rick: Listen
I didn't know that! To be honest, New Zealand might be a bit far for this trip. What's a good nature-focused destination closer to home?
(10) Wendy: Listen
In that case, you could explore the Canadian Rockies. There are amazing hiking [vocab word=trail]trails[/vocab] and beautiful [vocab word=lake]lakes[/vocab] in that region. You must also visit Whistler for an amazing [vocab word=ski]ski[/vocab] experience!

"You must ..." is a way of making a strong recommendation.

(11) Rick: Listen
That's a great recommendation! Are there any other good European destinations [vocab word=besides]besides[/vocab] Italy?

"besides Italy" means "other than Italy". Rick wants to know other European destinations other than Italy.

(12) Wendy: Listen
You could visit Portugal. Many people visit the beaches this time of the year.
(13) Rick: Listen
Thanks for all these amazing suggestions, Wendy! I'll definitely look into them.

To "look into" something means you'll research about it or look up information about it.

(14) Wendy: Listen
Have you [vocab word=renew]renewed[/vocab] your [vocab word=passport]passport[/vocab], yet?

Notice the word "renew" is "re" + "new". "Re" means "again". So "renew" is almost like to make it new again.

(15) Rick: Listen
No, I haven't, in fact.
(16) Wendy: Listen
You should renew your passport [vocab word=as soon as possible]as soon as possible[/vocab]. The wait time is around 2 to 3 weeks.
(17) Rick: Listen
Right... My holiday is in a month, so I have to renew it right away!

"My holiday is in a month" means 1 month later, his holiday starts.

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