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  • Modal Verbs: The Perfect Condo For Me (Review)

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    • Modal verb

    Modal verb

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    Review the conversation "The Perfect Condo For Me". Do multiple choice questions to review various modal verbs and the new vocabulary that you just learned.

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The Perfect Condo For Me

(1) Peter: Listen
Hey, Nadia. Good to see you, again. This [vocab word=condo]condo[/vocab] has one bedroom and one [vocab word=den]den[/vocab]. It [vocab word=face]faces[/vocab] west, so you’ll have lots of sunlight in the afternoon.
(2) Nadia: Listen
Thank you, Peter. I've seen the photos, but it looks much bigger in person.
(3) Peter: Listen
As we walk through, please feel free to ask any questions. I want to make sure you have all the information.
(4) Nadia: Listen
I appreciate that.
(5) Peter: Listen
This is the living room. As you can see, it's quite [vocab word=spacious]spacious[/vocab] and has a lot of [vocab word=natural]natural[/vocab] light coming in.
(6) Nadia: Listen
This is nice. I can [vocab word=definitely]definitely[/vocab] see myself relaxing here after a long day.

"can" is the modal verb of ability. "I can see myself relaxing" means that Nadia can easily imagine her relaxing in the living room. Basically, she is saying the living room is very comfortable and you can relax in it.

(7) Peter: Listen
I thought you might like it. Now, let me show you the kitchen. It has been [vocab word=recently]recently[/vocab] [vocab word=renovate]renovated[/vocab] with new [vocab word=appliance]appliances[/vocab] and [vocab word=cabinetry]cabinetry[/vocab].

"It has been renovated" is passive voice + present perfect tense.

(8) Nadia: Listen
The kitchen is lovely. I enjoy cooking, so this space is perfect for me.
(9) Peter: Listen
I'm glad you like it. The next room is the bedroom. It measures 15 feet by 13 feet, so you can put a king-size bed and still have lots of leftover space. And, take a look at this. The bedroom has a large walk-in closet.
(10) Nadia: Listen
The [vocab word=size]size[/vocab] of this room is great, but I'm not sure about the wall color. Would it be [vocab word=possible]possible[/vocab] to repaint it?

Nadia doesn't like the wall color. Note, "repaint" is "re" + "paint". "re" means "again". So, "repaint it" means to paint it again.

(11) Peter: Listen
[vocab word=absolutely]Absolutely[/vocab]. You can repaint it any color after you move in.
(12) Nadia: Listen
That's good to know. I might paint it in [vocab word=beige]beige[/vocab] color.

"Might" is the modal verb for possibility.

(13) Peter: Listen
Beige might make this room look much better! This is the den. It could be used as an office, a kid’s room, or even a small second bedroom.
(14) Nadia: Listen
This room seems a bit small, but I may be able to make it into a home office.

"May" is the modal verb for possibility.

(15) Peter: Listen
I'm sure you'll find a way to use the space efficiently. Now, we should move on to the balcony. It's a great place to enjoy the view and get some [vocab word=fresh]fresh[/vocab] air.

"Should" is the modal verb for advice. Peter is making a suggestion that they should see the balcony.

(16) Nadia: Listen
Wow! I love the balcony. The view is [vocab word=fantastic]fantastic[/vocab]!
(17) Peter: Listen
It's definitely a [vocab word=highlight]highlight[/vocab] of this condo. Lastly, let me show you the [vocab word=laundry]laundry[/vocab] room. It's just down the hall and has new [vocab word=washer]washer[/vocab] machines.

"Highlight of this condo" means the balcony is the best part of the condo.

(18) Nadia: Listen
That's convenient. I won't have to go to the [vocab word=laundromat]laundromat[/vocab].
(19) Peter: Listen
Exactly. Do you have any other questions about this condo?
(20) Nadia: Listen
Can you tell me more about the neighborhood? Are there grocery stores and parks [vocab word=nearby]nearby[/vocab]?
(21) Peter: Listen
Certainly. There are several grocery stores within a short drive and a beautiful park just a few blocks away. I can provide you with a list of nearby stores and parks if you'd like.
(22) Nadia: Listen
That would be great. Another question for you, Peter. My girlfriend might be [vocab word=move in]moving in[/vocab] with me. She has to drive to work, so we need two parking [vocab word=spot]spots[/vocab]. Can we get two parking spots in the condo?

To "move in" means to start living together in the same home.

(23) Peter: Listen
I’m not sure. One parking spot is included in the price. They might give you a second parking spot for a [vocab word=fee]fee[/vocab].
(24) Nadia: Listen
I see. Okay. How do we put in an offer? Do I pay the deposit by cheque?

An "offer" is the document that says you want to buy the condo. A "deposit" is the money that you put up to show that you are serious about the offer. If the seller doesn't sell the condo to you, you get the deposit back.

(25) Peter: Listen
It’s very simple. I’ll prepare all the [vocab word=paperwork]paperwork[/vocab]. Then, we’ll meet again to [vocab word=sign]sign[/vocab] some documents. The deposit is 20000 dollars, and you must use a [vocab word=money order]money order[/vocab] or a [vocab word=certified cheque]certified cheque[/vocab], not a [vocab word=personal]personal[/vocab] cheque.

"Must" is the modal verb for obligation. Peter is saying you need to use a money order or a certified cheque.

(26) Nadia: Listen
Sounds good. I like the condo, but let me think about it for a day or two.
(27) Peter: Listen
Of course, take your time. But, there are three other offers right now. So, we must move quickly if you want this condo.
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