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  • Past Tenses: My Life As a Digital Nomad (Review)

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    • Past perfect
    • Past perfect continuous

    Past perfect Past perfect continuous

    • レッスン開始
  • 概要

    Review the conversation "My Life As a Digital Nomad". Do multiple choice questions to review past perfect tenses and the new vocabulary that you just learned.

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My Life As a Digital Nomad

(1) Katie: Listen
Hi Joe! I just got back to Toronto after spending two years as a [vocab word=digital]digital[/vocab] [vocab word=nomad]nomad[/vocab].

Katie spent 2 years as a digital nomad. Then, she came back to Toronto.

(2) Joe: Listen
I've heard of "digital nomad" before. But, what exactly is a digital nomad?

Joe heard the term "digital nomad" before. But, he doesn't know what it means.

(3) Katie: Listen
A digital nomad works [vocab word=remotely]remotely[/vocab] while traveling and exploring new places. I had been traveling and working in various countries for two years until last month.

To "work remotely" means you don't go to the office; you work from home or from another place.

(4) Joe: Listen
That's so cool! But, why did you decide to choose the digital nomad [vocab word=lifestyle]lifestyle[/vocab]?
(5) Katie: Listen
I chose this lifestyle because I wanted to [vocab word=escape]escape[/vocab] the office environment. I had been feeling [vocab word=stuck]stuck[/vocab] and I wanted to explore new cultures and experiences. I had also read about other successful digital nomads online. It just seemed like the perfect [vocab word=fit]fit[/vocab] for me.

"I had been feeling stuck" is in past perfect continuous tense. "I had also read about other successful digital nomads" is in past perfect tense.

(6) Joe: Listen
What did you like about the digital nomad lifestyle?
(7) Katie: Listen
I really liked the [vocab word=freedom]freedom[/vocab] and [vocab word=flexibility]flexibility[/vocab] of the lifestyle. I could work from a café, a co-working space, or even the beach. I also loved meeting and [vocab word=network]networking[/vocab] with other digital nomads in different countries. Our [vocab word=gathering]gatherings[/vocab] often [vocab word=result]resulted[/vocab] in new projects or [vocab word=collaboration]collaborations[/vocab].

"Collaboration" means to work together. "Co-working" means working together. Usually, "co-" means "together".

(8) Joe: Listen
What did you [vocab word=dislike]dislike[/vocab] about the lifestyle?
(9) Katie: Listen
Since I was travelling most of the time, it was difficult to maintain a stable [vocab word=routine]routine[/vocab]. I also missed my friends and family back in Toronto and sometimes felt lonely.
(10) Joe: Listen
That's [vocab word=understandable]understandable[/vocab]. Did you make new friends [vocab word=abroad]abroad[/vocab]?

"Abroad" is an adverb for "foreign countries".

(11) Katie: Listen
Absolutely! In some countries, I stayed in co-living spaces. These spaces were made [vocab word=specifically]specifically[/vocab] for digital nomads. They made it really easy for digital nomads to meet and [vocab word=socialize]socialize[/vocab] with each other. Some of my closest [vocab word=friendship]friendships[/vocab] were [vocab word=form]formed[/vocab] during these co-living experiences.

The prefix "co-" often means "together". So, "co-living spaces" means spaces for living together.

(12) Joe: Listen
It sounds like an amazing experience, Katie. Did you learn anything new from your experience?
(13) Katie: Listen
Definitely. I've improved my problem-solving skills. I was [vocab word=expose]exposed[/vocab] to so many new cultures, and it definitely made me more [vocab word=open-minded]open-minded[/vocab] and curious.
(14) Joe: Listen
Well, I'm definitely curious about it now. I have to try being a digital nomad sometime.
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