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  • Collective Nouns and Compound Nouns: An Airplane Ticket, Please (Review)

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    • Compound noun
    • Collective noun
    • Customer service
    • Airline reservation

    Compound noun Collective noun Customer service Airline reservation

  • 概要

    Review the conversation "An Airplane Ticket, Please". Do a speaking exercise, then do multiple choice questions to review compound nouns and collective nouns.

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An Airplane Ticket, Please

(1) Ticket Agent: Listen
Hello, welcome to Canada Airways. How may I help you today?

Canada Airways is the name of the airline.

(2) Diana: Listen
Hello, I need to buy a [vocab word=round trip]round trip[/vocab] airplane ticket to Amsterdam.

Round trip means the trip to go to some place + the trip to come back home. Both "round trip" and "airplane ticket" are compound noun (has 2 words).

(3) Ticket Agent: Listen
Sure. No problem. Do you know the date of your travel?
(4) Diana: Listen
I must go next week, but it has to be after Wednesday. I will stay there for a week.
(5) Ticket Agent: Listen
Let's see... There is one [vocab word=flight]flight[/vocab] available. It leaves from Toronto on Thursday at 4 pm. The [vocab word=return flight]return flight[/vocab] is on November 10th.
(6) Diana: Listen
Yes, that sounds good. Is it a [vocab word=direct flight]direct flight[/vocab] or is there a [vocab word=layover]layover[/vocab]?

A layover is a stop in the middle of the trip. The airplane will go from Toronto to London. Then, it stops at London. Then, it will go from London to Amsterdam.

(7) Ticket Agent: Listen
Both flights will have a short layover in London for about two hours. Is that okay?
(8) Diana: Listen
Yes, that's fine. I need a [vocab word=business class]business class[/vocab] ticket because I will need to rest during the flight.
(9) Ticket Agent: Listen
Sure. Is this your first time going [vocab word=overseas]overseas[/vocab]?
(10) Diana: Listen
Not at all! I go often for work, but this is my first trip to Amsterdam.
(11) Ticket Agent: Listen
Oh, it's beautiful and you'll love it. My son is an architect, and he worked there a couple of years ago. I went to Amsterdam a bunch of times.

"A bunch of times" has a collective noun "bunch". It means many times.

(12) Diana: Listen
Oh, good! I can ask you some questions!
(13) Ticket Agent: Listen
Of course! What would you like to know?
(14) Diana: Listen
What should I put in my [vocab word=suitcase]suitcase[/vocab], other than the usual?

"the usual" here means the usual clothes. "usual" is usually an adjective. But here, it is a noun.

(15) Ticket Agent: Listen
Go with a light sweater. The weather is a little [vocab word=chilly]chilly[/vocab] this time of the year.
(16) Diana: Listen
Is there a subway over there?
(17) Ticket Agent: Listen
Yes. The [vocab word=metro]metro[/vocab] can take you all around the city.
(18) Diana: Listen
What airport will I fly into?
(19) Ticket Agent: Listen
You will fly into the Schiphol Airport.
(20) Diana: Listen
Can I easily find a taxi to my hotel?
(21) Ticket Agent: Listen
Yes. You will see a fleet of taxis right outside of the airport.

"A fleet of taxis" has a collective noun, "fleet".

(22) Diana: Listen
This all sounds very good.
(23) Ticket Agent: Listen
So, may I go ahead and book the ticket?
(24) Diana: Listen
Yes. And please put me at a window seat.

"Window seat" is a compound noun (has 2 words in it).

(25) Ticket Agent: Listen
Okay, you are in seat 2A. The flight leaves next Thursday at four.
(26) Diana: Listen
Thank you so much.
(27) Ticket Agent: Listen
My pleasure. There's a pack of [vocab word=brochure]brochures[/vocab] on the table. It has more [vocab word=information]information[/vocab] on the flight. The total is $1021.79. Will you pay by a [vocab word=credit card]credit card[/vocab] or a [vocab word=debit card]debit card[/vocab]?

"My pleasure" means "You are welcome". "A pack of brochure" has a collective noun, "pack".

(28) Diana: Listen
I have a Mastercard.
(29) Ticket Agent: Listen
Go ahead.
(30) Diana: Listen
(Diana pays by credit card.)
(31) Ticket Agent: Listen
Here's your [vocab word=confirmation]confirmation[/vocab] information. Enjoy your trip.
(32) Diana: Listen
I most definitely will! Thanks!
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