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  • Adjective + to-infinitive: Neighborhood Gossip (Review)

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    • まだ終わっていないレッスン
    • 初中級者
    • Adjective
    • To-infinitive
    • Gossip

    Adjective To-infinitive Gossip

  • 概要

    Review the conversation "Neighborhood Gossip". Do a speaking exercise, then do multiple choice questions to review common adjective + to-infinitive patterns.

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Neighborhood Gossip

(1) Mrs. Johnson: Listen
Hey, Cain. Have you heard about the house 112's kid?

"112" is the house number. Every house on a street has a number.

(2) Cain: Listen
Hello, Mrs. Johnson. No, I haven't.
(3) Mrs. Johnson: Listen
The kid hasn't gone to school for a month. I've seen him in his house during the day. He doesn't look [vocab word=eager]eager[/vocab] to do anything. What a lazy kid, eh?
(4) Cain: Listen
He's [vocab word=unable]unable[/vocab] to go to school because he has depression. Sometimes, he goes to the [vocab word=hospital]hospital[/vocab].

Depression is an illness. It's when you are very sad.

(5) Mrs. Johnson: Listen
Oh. I'm sorry to hear that. At least, he's [vocab word=willing]willing[/vocab] to go to the hospital.

"He's willing to do something" means he wants to do something.

(6) Cain: Listen
Right ...
(7) Mrs. Johnson: Listen
By the way, have you seen Fiona's husband? Fiona is the lady in 116.
(8) Cain: Listen
No, he ...
(9) Mrs. Johnson: Listen
I haven't seen him for a while, either. But, I've seen a [vocab word=strange]strange[/vocab] man in her house. I think Fiona is [vocab word=cheat]cheating[/vocab] on her husband.

"Fiona is cheating on her husband" means Fiona is seeing (in love with) another man, but she is already married to her husband.

(10) Cain: Listen
That's Fiona's brother. Fiona's husband is away on business. Fiona is scared to live alone, so her brother is staying with her.

"Away on business" means he is not her because he has some business matter. Maybe, he is on a business trip.

(11) Mrs. Johnson: Listen
Ah. I'm so [vocab word=relieved]relieved[/vocab] to hear that. I was worried about her.
(12) Cain: Listen
Yeah, right ...

"Yeah, right" often means you don't believe in that person. It's almost like sarcasm.

(13) Mrs. Johnson: Listen
By the way, how is your school? Are you getting ready to [vocab word=graduate]graduate[/vocab] soon?
(14) Cain: Listen
My school is fine.
(15) Mrs. Johnson: Listen
You must be [vocab word=anxious]anxious[/vocab] to find a job. The [vocab word=job market]job market[/vocab] is tough these days. You must be prepared to do many job interviews, young man!

A tough job market is where there aren't many jobs.

(16) Cain: Listen
Thanks. I have to go now. See you later.
(17) Mrs. Johnson: Listen
You are leaving already? I was nice to talk to you, Cain.
(18) Cain: Listen
(Phew. I'm so glad to finish university and move to a new city next month. People here love gossiping about other people!)

To "gossip" means to talk about other people's affairs. Sometimes, a gossip contains wrong information.

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