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  • Adjective + Preposition: Time To Move On (Review)

    Crown icon プレミアムメンバーのみアクセスできるレッスンです。



    • まだ終わっていないレッスン
    • 初中級者
    • Adjective
    • Preposition
    • Career
    • Changing your job

    Adjective Preposition Career Changing your job

  • 概要

    Review the conversation "Time To Move On". Do a speaking exercise, then do multiple choice questions to review common adjective + preposition patterns when the preposition is "about", "of", or "to".

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Time To Move On

(1) Candice: Listen
I hear you are quitting your job. Why?
(2) Jim: Listen
[vocab word=mainly]Mainly[/vocab], it's because I need new [vocab word=challenge]challenges[/vocab].

"Mainly ... " suggests Jim has other reasons, too, for quitting his job.

(3) Candice: Listen
Have you already found a new job?

This sentence is in present perfect tense.

(4) Jim: Listen
Yes, I have. I've already received an [vocab word=offer]offer[/vocab]. It's going to be a much bigger company. They have [vocab word=over]over[/vocab] 10,000 [vocab word=employee]employees[/vocab].

"Offer" here means job offer. It means Jim already got a job. Over 10000 employees means > 10000 employees.

(5) Candice: Listen
Aren't you nervous about working in such a large company?

Aren't you ...? is a negative question. It is similar to "Are you ...?" question. Candice is sure Jim is nervous about working in a large company, but she wanted to ask anyways. So, she used a negative question.

(6) Jim: Listen
Of course. I'm also afraid of making mistakes in the beginning.

Afraid of is adjective + preposition pattern. "Making mistakes" is what Jim is afraid of.

(7) Jim: Listen
But, I can't stay in my company any more. My coworkers are all very nice to me, but my work just isn't challenging.
(8) Candice: Listen
I guess it's time to move on.
(9) Jim: Listen
Exactly. Don't get me wrong. I love my company and I'm [vocab word=proud]proud[/vocab] of my [vocab word=accomplishment]accomplishment[/vocab] here. But, I'm worried about being too comfortable.

Don't get me wrong is a common English expression. It means "Don't misunderstand me." "Proud of" and "Worried about" are both adjective + preposition patterns.

(10) Candice: Listen
You have to grow your career. Everyone does.

"does" is short for "has to grow his or her career". Candice already said "You have to grow your career". So, in the second sentence, she doesn't say "Everyone has to grow his or her career." That's too long. She just says "Everyone does."

(11) Jim: Listen
It'll be hard in the beginning. I'll have to learn so many things. Wish me luck.
(12) Candice: Listen
For sure. But, don't be [vocab word=addicted]addicted[/vocab] to work. Remember work-life balance.

Work-life balance means you balance both work and life (not work). Don't work too much and don't play too much.

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