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  • How + Adjective Questions: Highway Construction Causes Controversy (Review)

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    • How question with an adjective

    How question with an adjective

  • 概要

    Review the conversation "Highway Construction Causes Controversy". Do a speaking exercise, then do multiple choice questions to review how to make a "How + Adjective" question.

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Highway Construction Causes Controversy

(1) Ethan: Listen
The city is [vocab word=construct]constructing[/vocab] a new [vocab word=highway]highway[/vocab] near our street.
(2) Lucy: Listen
I've heard that. I don't think I like that idea.
(3) Ethan: Listen
Many people are [vocab word=oppose]opposed[/vocab] to the highway.

Many people don't like the idea of a new highway.

(4) Lucy: Listen
How [vocab word=wide]wide[/vocab] will the highway be? Is it going to be a 6-lane highway?

"How wide" is "How" + adjective question. A 6-lane highway has 6 lanes.

(5) Ethan: Listen
It will be a [vocab word=major]major[/vocab] highway. It might be a 8-lane highway.
(6) Lucy: Listen
How busy will the highway be?
(7) Ethan: Listen
It'll have [vocab word=heavy]heavy[/vocab] [vocab word=traffic]traffic[/vocab] for sure.

"Heavy traffic" means many cars will travel on the highway.

(8) Lucy: Listen
That means our street will be busy, too.
(9) Ethan: Listen
A new highway might be good for our business. There will be more traffic, so more people will visit our stores.
(10) Lucy: Listen
But, during the construction, most roads near our street will be closed. No one will be able to come to our stores.

"No one will be able to come" is simple future ("will") + semi-modal verb ('be able to"). In the future, people aren't able to come.

(11) Ethan: Listen
That is a [vocab word=possibility]possibility[/vocab].
(12) Lucy: Listen
It's a [vocab word=certainty]certainty[/vocab]. How long will the construction take?
(13) Ethan: Listen
It'll start next year, and it will take several years.
(14) Lucy: Listen
How loud will our street get?
(15) Ethan: Listen
I'm not sure. But, I [vocab word=bet]bet[/vocab] it will be very loud.

Ethan isn't betting anything. "I bet..." is a colloquialism (spoken language). It means "I am very sure that ..." or "I really think ..."

(16) Lucy: Listen
Well, I don't like the idea at all. I'm going to [vocab word=complain]complain[/vocab] to the [vocab word=city hall]city hall[/vocab].

The government for the city is in the city hall.

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