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    Phrasal verb Phrasal verbs with up

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    Learn and practice phrasal verbs with "up" with the AI tutor. Learn what they are. Then, use them to make various sentences.

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Verb Up! Phrasal Verbs With Up

Understand what a phrasal verb is and learn common phrasal verbs with "up"

A phrasal verb is a verb + another word. They change the meaning of the original verb.

An example is "grow up".

A person can grow old. He can become old.

A person can grow fat. He can become fat.

A person can grow tall. He can become tall.

So, "grow" can mean many things.

"Grow up" is a phrasal verb. "Grow up" means only 1 thing. It means to grow and become older (become an adult).

This is an example: "I grew up in the city. So, I didn't play in the nature too much."

  • Grow can mean many things
  • Grow up means only 1 thing

Another example is "come".

You can come to a restaurant to eat food.

Children come to school every day to study.

Spring comes after winter.

"Come up with" is a phrasal verb. It means something different. It means "to have a new idea". It means "a new idea comes to you". So, sometimes, a phrasal verb can have a very different meaning.

  • Come can mean many things

    "Come" means many things.

  • Come up with means only 1 thing

    "Come up with" means to have a new idea.

This is an example: "Jim came up with a new business plan. Everyone liked his new plan."

Common Phrasal Verbs with "Up"

These are some common phrasal verbs with "up".

Phrasal verbs with up

How To Make A Sentence With A Phrasal Verb

You can easily make a sentence with a phrasal verb! Instead of a verb, just put in a phrasal verb.

Subject + phrasal verb + object.

Example 1:

I called my friend last night.

I called up my boss yesterday.

Example 2:

Tom broke his laptop with his fist.

Tom broke up a nasty fight between his friends.

Example 3:

Jill will clean her room after the dinner.

Jill will clean up the mess on the floor later.

Example 4:

Stan is picking apples from the apple tree.

Stan is picking up apples from the ground.

Example 5:

My son came to my home for a quick visit.

My son came up with a plan to visit Paris next year.

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